Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chicken Little

My boy ate chicken for dinner tonight. A lot of chicken. Like, most of a breast of chicken. And he didn't gag or vomit all over himself. I'm so blown away....I think I'm in shock.

It was the usual dinner....pureed vegetables (otherwise he would normal not eat anything!), and some of what mommy and daddy are having for dinner. We always try to entice him by making mmmm...yummy sounds and raving about how good our dinner tastes...but he normal doesn't bite (pardon the unintentional pun!).

Tonight we were having the Grilled Herb Chicken from Supperworks. He decided that he was going to feed his chicken to mommy, since she seemed to like it so much. As he was feeding mommy her 4th piece of his chicken, with a huge open-mouthed smile on his face, daddy took the opportunity to quickly shove a bit into Zander's mouth.

At first we thought we were in for a second day in a row of puke. But then he started chewing, and the look of disgust on his face quickly disappeared and was replaced by a surprised look of delight. We waited to see what would happen when he was done with his first piece of chicken....and to our bewilderment he asked for more...and more...and more....and more...

I've never seen this kid eat like that. Never. Ever. It was amazing. I was giddy with pride, and I think I caught a glimpse of the light that everyone keeps telling me is at the end of the Zander-feeding tunnel.

I'm sure I've jinxed myself by writing this post, but I couldn't help myself. I just had to tell someone. And if it was a one-time deal, at least is was recorded for posterity.

I would love to post pics of my little boy eating something that isn't pureed....but I was afraid if I pulled out the camera, it would break the chicken-lovin' spell!

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Lene said...

YEA Zander!! I love when they surprise us with what they eat. DS1 is the pickiest guy ever and like you, when he does eat - I am giddy!

WTG on finding something he will eat!

Kimberly said...

What a wonderful moment! I've been through the "This kid will never eat normally!" stage and so I'm so glad you got a glimpse of the light!

Happy Homemaker said...

Great!! Our little guy is a poultry lover, too! My husband calls it "POLT-ree" in an Al-Gore-ish like accent.