Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Shameless Plug

My sister-in-law (Carlos' lil' sis) and a mutual friend recently quit their jobs to go into business I'm gonna use my blog to spread the word a little, just in case anyone in the Ottawa area is reading.

They bought a meal assembly franchise called SupperWorks. The basic concept is that they do the shopping, slicing, dicing, chopping and clean up. All you do is book your session and choose your meals from their fabulous menu of 14 mouth-watering entrees (which changes monthly) on-line at Then you just come in at your scheduled date/time, grab an apron, and go from station to station assembling the entrees according to the recipe provided. The appropriate measuring cups/spoons and utensils are set out for each ingredient. Then it's all packaged in freezer bags that are pre-labelled with the name of the entree and cooking instructions. They do all the clean up. All you have to do is throw your entrees in the freezer when you get home, and defrost them and cook them when you need them. No mess. No fuss. Fantastic, right?

We have already taken advantage of this wonderful's so much fun! The food is really amazing, and easy and quick to prepare once defrosted...a great idea for...say...parents of two ridiculously busy boys!

Carlos and I are so proud of them, and their husbands (who are also partners in this venture) for doing this...I honestly don't think I would have the courage. We love the idea (and them....hi guys!) so much that we decided to become their very own little marketing department.

They were featured in the Ottawa Citizen (front page of the business section...fancy!), and had a spot on A-Channel Morning, where they demonstrated how it all works. My geek-tastic hubby made a little fan site (with a disclaimer, of course, stating that the site is in no way affiliated with SupperWorks) linking to the article on-line, and the video clip from A-Channel Morning...which he digitized and uploaded to youtube. He's so cute!

Anyway....if you are in the Ottawa area, check it out...the video is great. If you aren't from the area....check it out anyway!

Okay...I'm done my sales pitch...promise!

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AmandaD said...

If I were in Ottowa I'd be all over it, instead I'll send them positive vibes from upstate NY.
You're a great friend and sister-in-law to make the plug.

Lene said...

Oh I love places like this!!

I used to go to one when I lived in Nebraska with some other moms. We would make meals for a couple of weeks and have a few adult beverages while we made them. They always served margaritas to the customers. It was a great time!
The best of luck to them!

Shauna said...

What a neat idea! I've never heard of this before. Good luck to them!