Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting-House-Ready-For-Sale To Do List

  1. purge/sort/organize every room in the house
  2. marvel at all the crap we have jammed into this tiny house
  3. pack all non-essentials
  4. marvel at all the crap we keep that we never use or didn't even know we had
  5. install new carpet on stairs -- CHECK
  6. install new vanity and counter top in main floor half-bath -- CHECK
  7. paint main floor half-bath -- CHECK
  8. sod front yard -- CHECK
  9. build large planter under tree in front yard -- CHECK
  10. find homes for our three adorable cats, since it appears that all of use have become allergic to them (hubby with hives and itching watering eyes, me with my asthma, and the boys' eczema seems to get worse when the have touched them)
  11. cry, and come to terms with losing our furry little friends...our first babies
  12. paint all ceilings
  13. go to chiropractor to get back/neck fixed from painting ceilings
  14. install new exterior light fixtures
  15. repair and seal driveway
  16. pack-up/organize and clean garage
  17. paint upstairs hallway and stairways
  18. paint cabinets in both upstairs bathrooms
  19. drop dead from exhaustion
  20. install tub wall surround over hideous 80's tile in both upstairs bathrooms
  21. "come down" off of fumes from wall surround adhesive
  22. paint master bathroom
  23. install new towel bars in upstairs bathrooms
  24. paint all interior doors
  25. paint all window trim
  26. paint kitchen cabinets
  27. paint hideous kitchen backsplash tiles
  28. drop dead from exhaustion again
  29. dig up weeds "lawn" in backyard
  30. lay patio stones in backyard
  31. paint fences in backyard
  32. take a week to recover from excruciatingly painful sun blisters
  33. wait to regain feeling and use of arms and legs
  34. clean constantly in order to be ready for showings at the drop of a hat
  35. pray that someone wants to buy this house
My mother is coming on Monday and staying for another week to look after the boys while we work our way through the to-do list. If you don't here from me for a while, call an ambulance check the local hospitals I'm probably in a coma recovering from a near-death experience just resting...

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Kimberly said...

Number 13 made me giggle. Oi...what a list! You poor girl...where is you movin' too? I guess the West Coast would be too much to hope for, eh?

Absolutely Bananas said...

holy moly and i thought MY list was long! and you're still blogging too! impressive... very impressive!

karla said...

Holy crap Cate, that’s the mother of all to do lists!

I’m just going to throw this out there, but before you literally drop dead from exhaustion, check with your realestate agent and see if you will actually see a return on your money for all of that fixing up. It might be different where you are, but in my area, we quickly discovered that sinking bucks into this house would not see a big return on our investment. Instead we found that using the money we would have otherwise sunk into the house (when we were thinking of moving) would have went further as a larger down payment on our future home. Again, that was just in our little neighbourhood here in Ajax, but it might be worth considering.

No matter what – good luck with that list.

So sorry about the kitties too, but that is totally understandable and I’m sure they will find lovely homes.

Queen Heather said...

selling a house is so fun. snort

Happy Homemaker said...

Good luck with the move! My husband says we're never moving again... going to buried in the backyard.

Brillig said...

BEST of luck to you, Cate! I've had my house on the market for 3 months now and I STILL keep finding projects to do! But it's very cool that you have someone there to help with the kiddos.

Reading your list makes me want to take a nap. ASAP.

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

We've moved 6 times in the past 8 years.

I can completely sympathize!