Friday, June 15, 2007

Did You Know That Goldfish Crackers Play Peek-a-Boo?

Neither did I. I guess it's just one of those little-known facts...but Zander discovered it today.

Let me preface this story by telling you a little bit about peek-a-boo in our house. Long ago, when Zander was only a few months old, hubby and I shortened the name of the game from peek-a-boo to peek...not sure why. I think we got more of a reaction from Zander when we yelled a quick "Peek!", versus the full name. Anyway, since Zander's speech has taken off he has started to play peek-a-boo with Logan....but he has a different name for the game. For some reason he has decided, since mommy and daddy say "peek", that he would use the long-forgotten end of the name....he says "a-boo", with his little voice lilting upwards at the end of the word as if he's asking a question. Cute doesn't even describe it!

So the story goes like this. I was feeding Logan lunch, and Zander had found the jar of pears that was to be Logan's dessert. He started playing with it, even though I warned him not to. Well, as if to prove that mommies are always right, he dropped the jar on his foot....and started to scream.

Mommy: Zander, what happened? Did you hurt your foot?
Zander: Ma toe hur'!
Mommy: Do you want mommy to kiss your toe better for you?
Zander: (nodding) be'er.

Zander climbed onto my lap, and I kissed his toes better (what a mother will do for her children!)

Mommy: How's that?
Zander: All be'er!
Mommy: Do you want to help mommy feed Logan his lunch? Or do you want a snack?
Zander: Cracka!

Mommy: You want a Goldfish cracker?
Zander: (nodding with excitement) Cracka!
Mommy: What do you say?
Zander: Pwease!

I handed him the foil-lined paper bag of Goldfish crackers. He took the bag, unrolled the top and opened it. And instead of reaching into the bag for a cracker, do you know what my beautiful, funny little boy did?

Zander: (peering down into the bag of Goldfish crackers) A-Boo?

Priceless, no?

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Kimberly said...

Oh that's too sweet! I love it when kids interact with inanimate objects. =)

Shauna said...

Too cute!

AmandaD said...

Adorable! Briar fed her roses a baby carrot tonight.

Brillig said...

Awww! How darling! Nothing like a game of goldfish peekaboo to make the toes feel better, i guess!