Friday, June 1, 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

Okay...let me rephrase that. What a difference two days, 25 rolls of sod, 20 bags of topsoil, 46 retaining wall stones, 38 pavers, umteen gallons of water and a veritable cornucopia of yard toolage makes.

Gone are the bald spots in the lawn, exposed tree roots, invading weeds and blurred transition between driveway and lawn. Now there is only a field of lush green grass, a walled garden in the shadow of our beautiful, mature Norway Maple that awaits many a shade-loving plant, and a driveway edged by a line of "expertly" laid brick pavers.

So....what do ya think...have we met our curb appeal goal?

Before: Aren't tree roots supposed to be under the ground?

Before: Where does the lawn end and the driveway begin? Better yet...where's the grass?

After: We will start planting under the tree once we figure out what we want there.

After: Lookin' pretty good from the street...almost done.

Next up: Planting, repairing and resealing the driveway embarrassing....taking down the Christmas lights!

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Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Ha! Taking down the Christmas lights!

Looks great!

Hope your knee is healing up nicely.

Anvilcloud said...

Looks great. Yes, get those &^%$ lights down! ;)

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Puh-leeze take down the lights! It looks great!

Lene said...

Cate- The yard looks great! I miss grass....our "grass" here is just weeds.