Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm Gonna Miss The Potato Chip Burps

Before Logan was diagnosed with GERD, he was diagnosed with a suspected cow's milk allergy. Because of this, he has been on soy formula since he was 3.5 weeks old (I was unable to breastfeed).

It was difficult to bond with him for the first few months. The GERD made him scream non-stop...even when he was on medication. It wasn't until he was prescribed Prevacid in addition to the Zantac he was already on that he started to get better.

But in that difficult pre-Prevacid time, there was one thing about Logan that I found so strangely and oddly endearing...the soy formula made his burps smell like potato chips. And I loved this. No matter how much he screamed, bucked and thrashed, I always had the potato chip burps. Odd...isn't it...what us moms love about our babies? Those special little things....

Apparently milk allergy/intolerance is common in GERD babies, but is not always permanent. Often they grow out of it by 1 year of age.

At 10 months old, his doctor gave us the go-ahead to start adding cow's milk into his diet. At first we started making his bottles with 2 scoops of soy and 1 scoop of cow's milk formula. He did fine with that....there was hope! A week ago we started with 2 scoops cow's milk and 1 scoop soy formula. So far so good! Yay!

But one thing is making me sad...one strangely and oddly endearing thing...Logan's potato chip burps are gone.

Hello to an easier time for Logan and the rest of us....goodbye potato chip burps. You will be strangely and oddly missed.

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Lene said...

YEA LOGAN!! That transition will be so nice for you guys.

It sucks the potato chip burps are gone though. Funny as they sound, I understand how you will miss them. They are just one more thing that goes away as our munchkins grow up.

karla said...

I actually switched to drinking soy milk myself early on in my breastfeeding career just to see if it would help Nate's green poo and skin issues, and for whatever reason, his poo went back to normal, he was less fussy and his skin stopped being all flaky.

Stupid hard to digest cow proteins enzymes! Glad to hear Logan's tummy can handle cows milk now.

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Great news!

Just wait til he becomes a stinky boy. Peanut used to smell so good, now he has stinky feet and breath.

Shauna said...

That's good news! And hilarious about the potato chip burps. And dammit, now I want potato chips!

Amanda said...

Hooray! That's good news! My little one has a cow's milk allergy too and I am so hoping it goes away soon.

It's funny the things you miss as they grow. As tired as I am, I think I'm going to miss when the little one stops the night wakings.