Tuesday, May 22, 2007

That's A Lot O' Lot!

Living in a townhouse, you don't get much of a backyard. That hasn't been a problem so far, since we haven't really needed it. But now that the boys are older, we're starting to think towards swing sets, slides, playing catch....fun stuff for the boys to do outside.

Our current backyard is approximately 30' wide (since we have an end unit, our yard is 10 feet wider than the inside units) by 35' feet long. Depending on where you are from, that's either a good size yard, or tiny....when I first moved here I thought it was tiny...being from the country and all. I grew up with 1/2 acre worth of front yard! But now I realize that it's actually a pretty decent size for a townhouse in suburbs that are growing so fast that builders are making the lots smaller and smaller.

So when we reserved the lot in the East end of the city for our new townhouse....an inside unit....we knew our backyard would be small. The inside lots are 21' wide...and most are no more than 15' to 20' long. But that's all we can afford right now, and we don't want to stretch the budget. Besides, there is a park about a 5 minute walk from our proposed new home.

We got a call from the builder last week...apparently we cannot build the model of home we want on the lot we reserved. But they had a solution. There was another lot that would work. It is in a block of 3 homes rather than 4...bonus! The backyard will face due East...meaning there will be a lot more shade than our original pick....perfect for a sun-allergic freak of nature like me! Unfortunately this block is being release slightly later than the other one, so we wouldn't move in until February/March....crap! And this lot comes with a $3500 lot premium....fuck! But the lot is a lot bigger than the other one.

We met with the sales person on Saturday to sign some more papers. We got the land surveys, and found out that it was meant to be. We would have had a 15' backyard with the other lot. Our new lot will give us a much larger backyard. The back of it is on a diagonal, since it is an irregularly shaped lot. So one side will be 40' long, the other will be 53' long! That means I will be able to play catch with my boys when they are older without having to go to the park! Wahoo!

So now we continue to get the house ready for sale...'cause the next step is to sell our house!

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Lene said...

YEA! The lot size sounds great! I think about those types of things too (like playing catch with the boys, etc). The extra price stinks, but wahoo for the better location!

Jennifer said...

I guess things work out for a reason, huh!?

Good luck with the sale of your house!

Shauna said...

Good luck with the sale of your house! Glad things worked out so nicely! How fantastic! I, too, am a fan of shade!

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Glad you're getting a bigger backyard. You'll love it for the boys as they grow...