Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hooray For Poop!

Isn't "poop" the greatest word in the world...when it's your two-year old saying it?

Zander said "poop" for the first time last night, which in itself was a great accomplishment. I mean, he's heard that word daily since he was born...and he finally decided to say it.

But the circumstances in which he deemed fit to utter this great word for the first time were...well...surprising to say the least.

Allow me to set the scene. I was just ending a phone conversation with my aunt. I looked up to see Zander standing in front of me. He was in just a t-shirt and his diaper, since it was a warm day.

He then proceeded to pull at his diaper and say "poop". Filled with excitement, I responded "did you poop?". Zander nodded with great fervour, and added "poop in my diaper"! Okay...what he actually said was "poop i' di'...". But hey...that's a big step! Three partial words being strung together to form his version of a sentence. Plus...he was aware that he had pooped!

After my excitement started to wane, though, I realized what is quickly approaching....potty training. Gulp. It hasn't even set in that he's actually 2 years old, and now I have to prepare for the daunting task of potty training? I'm sure we're in for lots of potty fun!

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Thirty-One Trendy said...

That's too funny. My3 year old's favorite word is poop. He uses it as an adjective to describe everything. Love your blog, by the way!

Lene said...

YEA for POOP!! He is going to be talking in sentences very very soon! Then he will not be quiet. haha

Ahh potty training...such fun! ;)

Jenny said...

oh boy, just you wait... last night we had a dinner conversation that went like this, "Mommy, you're a POOP head." "You're a TOILET" "You're a PEE PEE" ha ha ha ha NOT FUNNY ANY MORE! :)

Shauna said...

Cute! For now. And in about 2 years you'll regret he learned the word.

Anvilcloud said...

Hah! Poop faces here.

andi said...

Hooray for poop, indeed! That is too cute. And don't stress about the potty training, it'll all work out.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Queen Heather said...

Poop and all words associated with Poop are just great! tehehe.