Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Madeleine McCann

A comment on one of my posts brought this story to my attention and asked that I post about it...just in case someone out there had seen her, and could help.

This little 4 year old girl, who was on vacation in Portugal with her family, was taken from her hotel room while she was sleeping on May 3rd...the day Zander turned 2 years old. She has now been missing for 19 days.

I can't fathom what this must be like for her parents. It is so hard to think about. Here I am, complaining about a family cold, when there are so many parents out there missing their little boys and girls.

Here's hoping little Madeleine is found safe and sound, and her parents can hold her tight in their arms again.


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Lene said...

So very sad

I hope she is found!