Thursday, May 24, 2007

'Tis The Season Of Sunburns And Blisters

Today was the perfect weather to play outside...if you aren't allergic to sun. According to Environment Canada, the UV index was 8, or high. Not good. But the kidlets needed to get outside, so outside we went.

Knowing that we would be heading out of doors as soon as Carlos got home from work, I set about "putting on my face". Have you ever tried to draw your eyebrows on whilst a two-year old hyper little boy plays on your lap? Probably not. To say it's difficult is putting it lightly. Picture trying to draw a smooth curve with a brow pencil as a toddler is trying to snatch it from your grasp. Trying to use a mirror that is constantly being repositioned. Trying to draw a line with a freshly-sharpened eyeliner along your non-existent lash line as your arm is repeatedly "nudged". It can be dangerous at times. There are days when I look like I have a permanent scowl due to the shape and angle of my eyebrows....and my little boy.

Anyway...on to the outdoor adventures. After the boys had greeted daddy when he got home, we got them dressed for the climate change (going from air conditioned bliss to a humid 31C/88F). Then we headed outside.

Logan was strapped into the swing that hangs from the tree in our front yard while Zander played with his car. It was great fun for all. We were outside for about 30 minutes before we had to retreat to the house for dinner. That's all it took....30 minutes.

Even though I was in the shade provided by the canopy of our large Norway Maple, I received my first sunburn of the season. Not a bad blistery raw-meat lookin' one....but enough of a burn that I feel like I've been using a belt sander on my face. Stupid sun allergy! Seriously....what kind of sadistic bastard invents an allergy to something as vital to life as the sun? (yes, I know people don't "invent" medical conditions...but I'm bitter!) It's not even officially summer yet, but I still can't spend 30 minutes playing with my boys in the shade of a mature tree. How fair is that? I'll tell's NOT!

Breathe, Cate.....breathe........

My silver lining is....if all goes as planned, our future home will have a backyard graced with UV-blocking shade from the house, and the houses on either side of us. I will be able to have summer fun with my children, without painfully paying for it later. And that is worth the wait.

So I will have to remember that trees do not provide the safe haven from UV rays that someone who suffers from PMLE like me requires. From now on, I'll stick to watching my sons play with their daddy from the safety of my front step!

Thank you for sitting through my sad little pity party....I'm feel much better now.

To make up for this whine-fest, please enjoy these pictures of two amazingly cute boys.

Look what all the snot-wiping from this stupid cold
has done to my poor little boy's face!

"I don't need no stinking hat!"

" hat is 100% cotton!"

Zander getting in his car
(please ignore the honkin' bald patch on the will get fixed soon!)

"Beep! Beep! Get out of the way, mom!"

My lumpy-bumpy driveway, my bald lawn, the boys' desperately-in-need-of-cleaning
frog shaped sandbox...and my beautiful little family.

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Lainey-Paney said...

I'm sorry you're allergic to the sun.

But hey---I have AA (Alopecia Areata), and so my hair falls out in big ol' clumps.

We both have things that suck.

But, I have to say...I think you've got it worse. I love the sunshine.
So, I'm sorry that you're allergic.


Cate said...

Wow...a fellow Alopecian! How 'bout that! It's rare that I meet other woman with Alopecia!

Brillig said...

I had a dear friend with alopecia too! I'd never heard of it before her, and before I "met" you, I'd never heard of anyone else with it!

And your children are SO gorgeous! And I'm sorry about the sunburn. That's no fun, and NO FAIR. But you seem to handle it all with grace and dignity.

Cate said...

Most of the time, it's with grace and dignity...but every once in a while (more often than I care to mention ;-)), I resemble a toddler having a temper tantrum. That would be on a bad day!

karla said...

Oh Cate, I'm sorry you got a burn. But you are right, your boys are so adorable!

Shauna said...

You've got beautiful children!
And yes, putting on makeup with a toddler? Been there. Does he ever ask you to 'draw' on him? Nicholas does.

Queen Heather said...

Too cute!

(the boys, not the burn. I know that is no fun!)

Lene said...

Omg your boys are so cute! Gorgeous eyes!

Sucks about the sunburn! It seems that it gets you when you least expect it.

Your afternoon sounds almost identical to ours. Me pushing DS2 in the swing while DS1 drove his car around. Boy, the excitement really starts when Dad gets home...which means a break for Mom.

AmandaD said...

My oh my, I've not been over in a while and I'd forgotten how those eyes knock the wind out of me. And your writing is so fresh and real, not a pity party at all. Just friends talkin'.

Good job on those boys mama!

Jenny said...

Ok, I just have to say that I think you might just have the CUTEST kids ever!!

Anvilcloud said...

It's good the the out-of-doors agrees with them even if not with you. It's weird, you know. :)

Proper said...

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