Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Runny Noses and Leaky Eyes

Logan and Zander have been fighting off the same cold for over a month...since Easter. It is just a lingering cough least it is for Zander.

Last night Logan's nose started getting stuffy again, and his cough got much worse. He started the night out in his crib, but inevitably ended up in bed with mommy and daddy around 1am.

Today he's just a sorry sight. He's mommy-clingy. His left eye is watering like a river down the side of his face. His nose is running, causing him to smear slimy snot across his face, sleeves and hands. His voice is raspy. He is so sensitive and irritable that just the slightest thing going wrong (dropping a toy, wobbling when he's crawling, bumping into something,....) sends him into a crying-coughing frenzy. His coughing attacks are so bad that he ended up throwing up his breakfast and his Prevacid....which I had to re-administer lest his reflux throw it's hat into the ring. One thing at a time please!

It seems like it's just been one cold after another for him lately. I can't even remember a day when he didn't cough. My poor little man.

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Lene said...

Aww poor little guys! It is so hard when they are sick - not only on them but hard on mom and dad too.

Hope he gets over this crud soon!