Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Deposit Is Down

We went back to look at the model homes yesterday....and we put a deposit down on a lot. This means that we have a week to go back with another cheque and sign some more papers. And then the fun starts. Picking the colours, flooring, counter tops, etc. We don't have money for upgrades, so we will have to stick with the standard stuff that is included in the base price....but I'm more worried about the space. We can fancy it up in a few years when I'm back to work.

As I said before, we went for another town home, so as not to stretch our single-income budget. I don't to be forced to go back to work before the boys are in school. I am sad to say that we couldn't afford an end-unit. This means that our backyard will be miniscule. But that is my only regret.

The model we chose is an open-concept floor plan, which is exactly what we wanted. It will allow me to keep an eye on the boys while I can actually get some work done in the kitchen....unloading and loading the dishwasher, making dinner, etc. That will be nice!

It has an L-shaped kitchen with an island on a diagonal looking out into the living space. The dining room is right off the kitchen, and the living room (with gas-burning fire place!) is right beside that. It's a nice, open space...and I love it.

It also has the laundry on the second floor where the bedrooms are....a definate bonus for a family with two young troublemakers boys!

The boys bedrooms are not huge, but a good size for sure. One is 10' X 12', and the other is 10' X 12'8". Bigger than the secondary bedrooms in all of the other models we looked at.

The master is not huge either....but I'm not one who needs more room than what my bed and night tables require. But I do like walk-in closets....and this has got one....a big one.....nice! And the ensuite has a large corner soaker tub. This was one of our requirements. Do you know what kind of strategizing is require for a large 5'10" woman to have a bath in a standard sized tub?????? I just isn't relaxing, I'll tell you that! And there tend to be a lot of "Calgon, take me away" moments with the boys, so that will be sooooo nice to have!

There is also a large finished rec room, so we can have some place other than our living room for the boys to have all of their toys. And plenty of storage room in the basement....something our current house doesn't have.

So if all goes well, we will be in our new home for Christmas. So I have a few months to figure out where the Christmas tree will go!

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In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

It's awesome to have your laundry on the 2nd floor. Less lugging! And we have a HUGE master bedroom, which, in my opinion, is just a colossal waste of space. Because, realistically, how much time do you really spend in your room?

Lene said...

The house sounds wonderful and YEA for being moved in by Christmas! Congrats!

karla said...

The deposit structure is what is killing us right now if we want to a buy a new home!

Congratulations on your new home! So exciting.