Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trying Something New I was getting pretty tired of the old template. I'm not really one for busy backgrounds on blogs...I find them distracting. I decided on the other template because....well....I just needed some colour or something.

But that template is now, and forever, retired here at A Beautiful Life. On to bigger, better, and cleaner styles.

It is my plan to try to design, along with my geekified hubby, a fancy schmancy banner for the top of my fresh, new clean-lines blog.

So stay tuned for my continuing Blog-volution. (ya....I like to make up word for my own personal use....get used to it...I do it a lot!)

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AmandaD said...

Can't wait! I read about your polka dot malaise the other day. We are doing the same thing at my place. I hope it's less stressful for you! Good luck.


Lene said...

YEA! Can't wait to see what you and your DH come up with!