Friday, April 13, 2007

The Snot Saga Continues

Carlos and I are currently sitting on the couch with a snotty, hoarse, phlegmy Zander. He started screaming about 45 minutes soon as we went in to check on him, we could hear how much worse he had gotten in the 3 hours since he was put to bed. His cries were making him cough so bad that he was gagging, so we gave in and brought him back downstairs to watch some of his "machines" on TV.

You can see the pain on his face every time he coughs. It breaks my heart. But through all of this crap, he can still smile when I play Peek (the -a-boo got dropped many moons ago) with him. Way to take it like a little man! I know some people that would be moaning and groaning at less.

"Mighty Machines" just ended, and he still had the energy to yell "dad....DAD!" ...his way of demanding more entertainment.

The good news is little GERD boy (aka Logan) has been sleeping peacefully in his slanty crib, all tucked nice and cozy into his harness for the past couple of hours. Are we out of the woods with him? Well...that's like saying "shutout" before the hockey game's over....yes, I'm Canadian.

Judging by the current progression of Zander's cold, let's hope Logan has evaded this phlegmy hell! 'Cause if he's going down, he's gonna bring us all down with him!

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Beth said...

So sorry to hear that your little one isn't feeling good. Hopefully, he will be back to his "old" self soon and with a little luck he won't spread the germs around to the rest of the family! Feel better soon Zander!!