Monday, April 16, 2007

A Bit Of Sunshine At The End Of A Bad Day

I was hoping that the day couldn't get worse after what happened with Zander earlier. Well, it didn't. It got better!

Logan just said his first word! I can't believe it!

We were watching Zander's fave Mighty Machines (the one with the planes, helicopters, etc.). Every time one of the plane takes off on the show, Zander says "Bye" to them. It actually sounds more like "Bah" he's southern. Well, he was sitting on the couch doing just that, while Logan was sitting on the floor facing the couch.

All of a sudden Logan responded to one of Zander's "Bye"s with one of his own!!! I looked at Carlos...."did he just say bye?". He said "I think so!". I repeatedly prompted him to say it, and every time he did as I asked. Then he turned toward the TV, and proudly said "Buh" to one of the planes taking flight. It was absolutely adorable.

Just the ray of sunshine I needed after a day like today!

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Amanda said...

Oh congratulations! I have chills. So sweet. And southern, I love that!

Anvilcloud said...