Thursday, February 1, 2007

Why the long posts? you think I could write more? I guess I feel like I should get anyone reading this blog up to speed on my life and the special people in it. Might be a waste of time. Who knows. But this way if I post about having to use toupee tape to keep the skull cap that my mother crotcheted for my wedding stuck to my head, lest the wind grab my veil and reveal a blindingly shiny bald head, it will make some sort of sense! Plus I'm finding it nice to reminisce.

And if anyone reading this thought the posts about me and my oldest son Zander were long, wait till you see the one about Logan, my youngest. Or should I say posts! I think I am going to have to split his story into two parts. He is a complex little man!!!

Fear not, though. One day my posts will only be this long. I promise!

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