Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Eve

Carlos and I have always celebrated on February 13th instead of February 14th. It's a tradition that started 8 years ago, and was henceforth dubbed "Valentine's Day Eve". Yes, we made up our own holiday. What's wrong with that?

It all started on February 13th 1998. Carlos dropped by my apartment to give me a single rose. That was the first time he expressed his other-than-friendship interest. Before then we had just been friends in the same program at school. We started dating shortly after.

The following year, I gave him a single rose on February 13th. I know, I know! Yuck! But we were young, in love, and all mushy and stuff!

So that's how it started.

This year was the first time we have celebrated on February 14th. Valentine's Day Eve was not to be. Both boys were having a bad day...which meant the parents also had a bad day! Lots of screaming, lots of tears, Tempra for teething, Gaviscon for reflux, and no sleep. That's how we Valentine's Day Eve went down.!

So today...we're having pizza for dinner, and maybe we will go to bed early to recover from last night. That's how we will celebrate our first Valentine's Day since 1999!!! Woohoo! One for the books!

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Beth said...

Happy belated Valentines Day!