Friday, January 5, 2007

A Bad Start

Well, I've had my first blog delay already! We visited my parents in my hometown for a few days over the holidays. Unfortunately we brought back with us the worst cold known to mankind along with all the boys' Christmas booty! Both the boys have it (my youngest's first cold!), and I got hit the worst (which is fine by me...better me than my 7 month or 20 month old!).

My nose is cemented shut, and my lungs are so full of nastiness (I know...tmi) that I feel like I'm breathing through pudding. I can only sleep sitting up since as soon as I am horizontal I fly into a coughing fit that shakes and rattles my whole body. The only bright spot is that my husband didn't catch it, and my dear mother-in-law has come to helps us try to placate the extremely cranky sucky-babies that my sons have transformed into!

So....there is my excuse. As soon as I am back to full performance, I promise to post again with an intro into my life!

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